The Return of the Great NINPAR

NINPAR 2018 This Fall 

Friday August  24 to Sunday August 26 in Mt Storm WV

The Original NINPAR is Back and will happen in a wonderful location in MT Storm WV. Models get in for free* and the weekend meal plan is only $70 which includes dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and all day Snacks on Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks on Sunday

Photographers get in for $165.00 with Very Early Bird sign up until the first 30 Photographers sign up or April 30 2018. Which ever comes first. This Includes your entry fee and a shared cabin or camp site if you choose to rough it in a tent. Once all cabins are filled you will have the option to camp out or stay at a motel near by. This entry fee does not include food plan. After the early bird plan ends prices are going up to $195.00 good till the end of June and then may go up to $250.00 or more. Sign up late and get less choices and comfort for more cost. Don’t get left out sleep under the stars.

The food plan is a low $70 and the food is great the meals are filling and they will have vegan and gluten free meals upon request.

The venue is in the mountains of WV about a 2.7 hour drive from Washington DC. Lots of camp side parkings and the creek runs the almost mile long camp site past many of the tent sites and cabins. The Kitchen get rave reviews and the day time temps are in the mid to low 70’s in the end of August. The trees are still full and the night time temps will drop into the mid 50’s or a bit lower.

If you choose there are near by motels at very reasonable rates that you can take advantage of if you feel the need to be more comfortable.

We will be having some group shoots and workshops at great rates.

Photographers are responsible for all model fees that are not in group shoots and work shops run by NINPAR.

  • Model Free sign up ends when 20 models have signed up after that the Model fee will go up.