March 26th

We have a nice list of models and photographers. The Camp site in Mt Storm WV is very excited about our event and have a few neat ideas for us, they can set up a bon fire for us Saturday Night, great photo ops. We are also not restricted by bad rules for cars, that right we can drive cars to photo sites and to the cabins and camp sites. We also can have the use of the 2 geodesic domes and for a small fee that should have no trouble covering the camp staff will make the domes very comfortable with floor rugs and big pillows, once again a great photo op as they will work light great big soft boxes.

They also have 2 teepee  tents on site that will be great in backgrounds of many shots but they also are great places to just hang out in and relax

The food is one of the best parts of this camp site. The snack/kitchens is open 24 hours a day so you can get something to eat or drink any time. The food is great and will meet your needs as long as we tell them  2 weeks before hand.

Hotel / Motel prices are very low if you want to stay off site. The weather is great the average temp at that time of year is in the low to mid 70’s and at night it feels like fall.